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Brown Eyes / Blue Eyes

When I walked in, the workshop leader looked deeply into my eyes. Sit there, she said in an unexpectedly harsh voice. A sign on my chair said: for people with blue/ gray eyes. Surprised, I looked around. What had I walked into? Behind me I saw two rows of people with brown eyes. The rules were on the wall: "People with brown eyes are the boss. They are always right." It felt very uncomfortable that the trainer had brown eyes and was strutting about in a tyrannical way. Read on

Do No Harm, from Principle to Practice

Recently, I evaluated a water well project, aiming at less daily workload for women. However, for these women, the joint trips to get water from the river meant many opportunities to discuss critical issues and to find common solutions at an early stage. The unintended negative impact of the wells was therefore a multitude of high-level conflicts in the community. How can this be avoided? Read on

No outreach without in–reach

Next year, my one–woman–business HildeConsult will celebrate her 10th anniversary. So I have declared 2017 to be my year of thankfulness! I am grateful for the many chances I got to help people and organisations in their learning, to help them to flourish and grow. Read on

Coaching and the Harvest Month

How do we bear fruit in our lives? As individual person? Or as an organization? How does that look like? What is needed for it? Where do we draw from?
Fruit is the result of life and not of activity. A tree bears fruit, not because he waves his branches, but because he continuously nurtures foods and drinks from the soil. So it is with us. Read on

The logo of Hilde Consult

The logo of Hilde Consult shows the large barn door of the office in Amersfoort, that is painted in shiny Swedish red. A bright color, but also gentle. A color that suits the style of the building from 1947.
When you enter this door the world comes into the picture. Read on


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