Hilde Consult - Consultancy for Development
Cultural diversity

Effective collaboration is key to the quality of work, to cost-reduction, productivity, and satisfaction on the work floor. To be a happy team reaching your goals is a major achievement everywhere on earth. However, in our global society the elements 'international' and 'intercultural' are adding to its complexity. Read on

Civic Driven Change

Hilde Consult aims at sustainable strengthening of civil society organisations in non-industrialised countries. In the belief that this implies a process of change rather than a one-off action, our intention is capacity-input via a trajectory longer term involvement, so that improvements really can settle. Read on

Change from within

Flowering and bearing fruit, as individuals, teams, businesses, organisations and institutions. Beautiful. Hilde Consult beliefs that reflection and lifelong learning is key for quality in a fast changing external environment. Learn more about what this includes. Read on

Capacity & quality

Many businesses, organisations, churches have personnel detached elsewhere in the world. A good selection, preparation before leaving, guidance while there, and when coming back (re-entry) is crucial to success. Hilde Consult’s large track-record in moving around the globe and her psychological expertise have shaped her competence in accompanying, also on distance. Read on