Capacity & quality

Global mobility in manpower is increasing worldwide. That means that apart from your technical competences (job-experience and knowledge) other competences as well become increasingly important, like cross-cultural behaviour and a certain amount of adaption skills to cope with changing circumstances. Some people do just fine on their own force, others can do with some guidance.

Because everyone is different and also has different needs, Hilde Consult offers a range of services and tools. These can be combined into a customized career support package, tailor-made just for you. The purpose of the coaching is to help you focus more clearly on your motivation, career aspirations and opportunities. We can support you by:

  • Assisting you to become clearer about your career goals, facilitate to prepare a career development plan and to think about challenges and opportunities in pursuing an international career;
  • Offering guidance on approaches to take when pursuing international job opportunities;
  • Providing you with very practical tips and hints when applying to international positions;
  • To provide feedback and advice on how to formulate your CV and cover letter;
  • E-Mentoring is a smart online opportunity that can help you to reflect, and exchange knowledge & learning on the job (specially for students and young professionals in their first job);
  • Virtual career development sessions can be organized. These sessions provide the opportunity to learn and share career experiences.