Hilde Consult - Consultancy for Development
For who

The services of Hilde Consult can benefit all who seek accompanying in the area of international collaboration and cultural diversity (both in a team and cross-border), organisational and individual capacity building and learning, and for change from within. Read on


Accompanying individuals to find their new balance. Yes! But Hilde Consult is also devoted to People Oriented Organisational Development. People determine the functioning of an organisation. Good structures, systems, sound financial management etc. are needed, but personnel development and increased individual performance is the oil that keeps the engine running. Read on


The role of a facilitator can be compared with that of a conductor of an orchestra. He makes sure that the best of what’s inside all the musicians comes out and that a common goal is achieved, without the conductor himself playing an instrument. The facilitator assists with techniques for communication, exchange, structure, tools and more. Read on


Hilde Consult equips multi-cultural teams, civil-society organisations, individuals, families all over the world with knowledge and skills, in office or personal, for a few days or a few weeks. But always aiming at facilitating your own learning-process, using practical applicable tools. Read on

Assessment/ Evaluation/ Design

Knowing where you stand as an organisation, team or program demands diagnosis and analysis. Sometimes an outsider can help to mirror, and face the real issues which form barriers for moving ahead towards a desired future. I believe in co-analyse, co-evaluation, co-design, so that the learning is incorporated in the organisation for a sustainable result. Read on


Hilde Consult advises in the area of international collaboration, cross-cultural issues and cultural diversity. Specialisation: Capacity Building of Civil Society organisations. We offer frameworks, structures, methods and guidance to arrive where you want to be. Not working on documents, but on behaviour in the right direction. Read on

General conditions

After intake and agreeing on terms of references we make up a contract. This contract is leading in the assignment, and describes purpose, approach and arrangements. It is signed both by the client and me. Purpose is to promote clarity and determination on the collaboration. Read on