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The international mobility has increased, which means that more than before people work abroad for some years, with family or in a ‘living apart together’ construction. It will take time to get adjusted to the new situation, and a good preparation of the employee but also from his/her family makes adaptation easier. A lot has to do with adaptation to the new culture, and living somewhere is so much different than holiday in terms of adjustment. Or when working in multi-culture teams. Coming back is known to be even harder than leaving, at least more tricky.

Coaching as prevention helps avoiding energy-consuming issues and even sick-leave or the hassle of searching for new employees, since it contributes the person to become positive and open minded, conscious of certain pitfalls, and ready to use the resources at hand for finding a new balance.

Different forms
Face2Face and E-intervention like chat/tele/mail/video or combinations (e.g. with Skype). Hilde Consult has more than 20 year experience in accompanying at a distance, which is a specialisation within coaching.

Accompanying Individuals / international mobility

  • moving from or to a different culture, taking into account the family/children
  • other transition situations
  • prevention of stress and work pressure, especially when working in hardship conditions
  • debriefing (also after traumatic events)
  • dealing with diversity that causes conflicts

People Oriented Organisational Development

  • team building (also multi-cultural teams)
  • leadership development
  • individual performance growth towards organisational goals
  • increased reflection
  • in change processes: learning to think and act in the same direction

Organisations who are neglected or wrestling with a loss in vision and energy
This can happen to big and small organisations, old or young, in The Netherlands or abroad. A collective feeling of exhaustion, emptiness, lack of motivation, and a general tiredness. For example organisations working with the extreme poor and especially those in hardship countries, can easily have given out too much, or suffer from post-traumatic stress after a disaster. Then a temporary fresh person from the outside could coach the organisation through certain critical issues, or act as a sparring partner in your situation. And help to regain the right energy for a shared vision.

Different tools and methods
Coaching at Hilde Consult always starts with what is at hand, and works towards the point at the horizon that the client is determined to reach. Often this point is not clear at the beginning, I can help you to search for your own vision. I do this with a high concentration, sharp analysis, and enough laughter to keep it relaxed. People/ organisations are different, their situations are different, and their destinations are different. That calls for different tools and a combination of instruments fitting the question at hand. What works for the one does not work for the other.

Hilde Consult masters the art of finding the road that works towards your solution, and helps you to set practical steps in the right direction. And I know my boundaries: if the problem exceeds my capacity, I do refer to appropriate institutes.

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