Hilde Consult - Consultancy for Development


Hilde Consult thoroughly understands group dynamics and knows how to achieve maximum involvement of participants. Contact us for the design of a successful workshop or event and we will balance fun and the achievement of common goals for you.

Hilde Consult offers facilitation-services for different settings, for example:

  • intervision / facilitate inter-collegial advise
  • workshops, annual retreats, stakeholder platforms, events
  • (re)develop mission-vision-strategy
  • strategic (more years) planning
  • business plan, the what and how of co-making
  • decision making
  • conflict-resolution
  • creative team development
  • change from within
  • fit-for-future scenarios
  • leadership development programs
  • guidance of performance management
  • organisational self-assessments
  • learning-capacity self-assessment

These trajectories are far more often processes than single events, and are often part of a multi-national setting.

We are known for

  • worldwide network of complementary experts
  • pragmatic, result oriented approach
  • excellent implementation, change from within
  • contractual way of working (output indicators)
  • focus on behavior change

The neglected organization
Although the word does not yet exist in management-language, everybody recognizes the phenomenon once you see it: an organization that lacks energy, is stressed, worn out, not in the flow for a longer period, has problems with personnel, disputes, no synergy, power-play, financial un-transparency, gossip, low motivation, etc. Separately each element can be managed, but all together this is killing for the organizations existence when nothing is done.

If you call Hilde Consult in such a case, we will start a co-diagnose: together recognizing the true current situation. Often there are organizational culture issues at stake, which are difficult to tackle. But not impossible, at least, if the help is not called in too late. Towards restoration, the organization is seen as a system where all parts are related to each other. Different type of restoration trajectories are tailored around your situation.

Need a facilitator? Please contact me for further arrangements.