Assessment/ Evaluation/ Design

What is the use of working for changing your own organisation? It costs a lot of time and energy, and most re-organisations only cause a lot of tension and frustration. This is a remark I often hear, illustrated with many stories .

Luckily there are as many good examples of positive processes, which result in

  • knowing whether or not we are still doing the right things
  • reinforcing internal values, creating more mutual trust
  • working on more unity, harmony and appreciation of differences
  • answering the question: what do we do well, and what can be done better

You can use us as Sparring Partner in change processes in your organization. Hilde Consult likes to share experiences from the many years of working with quite different organisations in different situations and facing different challenges. But with the only purpose to find your own, unique state of the art, your current possibilities and needs, and your wish for future.
It is all about learning, and change from within.

Different options or combinations of them are possible:

Organizational development

  • organisational analysis
  • facilitation of Capacity Self-Assessment
  • facilitation and rethinking policy and program design
  • tailor made coaching of teams in capacity growth (achieving self-determined goals)
  • facilitation and training in Project Cycle Management and Log Frame Analysis
  • strategic and annual planning
  • facilitating the mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS in organisation or programme
  • executive and personal coaching of managers, leaders, advisors or experts (including expats.)
  • guidance and support in change processes (individual and group / organisation)

Design of structure, systems, project, program, collaboration
Revision or improvement of elements of the existing internal organization can often help to work more smoothly and more effective from an input towards an output. This is preferably combined with training on how to do the change (and not only talking about it).

Learning trajectories / Planning for learning
Capacity growth has a lot to do with learning. Hilde Consult can help you by facilitating the making of a plan for learning in your organization. First we analyze what the organizational and individual gaps in knowledge are and we apply the lesson learned. Everything in relation to the strategic goals of your organisation and the specific multi-year goals for the programme. Who on what position needs to grow in what subject, and where and when.
Planning for learning is a mighty tool for development organisations operating in a fast changing environment to be updated, and to connect with new knowledge and tools.

Ongoing monitoring missions, Programme Reviews, Evaluative Studies, Summative (end) Evaluations, Formative (learning) Evaluations, Embedded Evaluations, Improvement or development of (internal) M&E systems, Coaching of M&E trajectories, Policy Research / Evaluation.