Hilde Consult - Consultancy for Development
Who is Hilde

Hilde van Hulst-Mooibroek has a Masters degree in Social Science (specialization Psychology/ Special Education), and a huge backpack of organisational development, change management, mediation and coaching in an international context. With all this baggage she founded in 2007 Hilde Consult, a business-name for Consultancy for Development . Read on


Behavior is the visible result of inner processes, in persons and in organizations. My professional experience is all about connecting the soft invisible parts with 'hard' tangible results to achieve sustainable change for the better. Read on

Approach & Principles

Hilde Consult has a unique style and approach. Transparent, but not following one 'school': I mix knowledge and skills coming from different disciplines, cultures and styles to a new blend. Applying only what fits your specific question to move forward. Read on

Partners & Network

Hilde Consult is a one-woman business. However, most of my work I do together with others. In my worldwide network I seek when needed complementary expertise depending the question of the client and the work ahead. Somebody who adds to positive results. The how and what is part of the offer and contract. Read on