I have been working as a self-employed entrepreneur for nearly 11 years, based in Amersfoort. See my company information under contact.

During this time I have worked as a consultant in short term assignments to more than 15 emerging countries, commissioned by a broad diversity of clients with a lot of different subjects to deal with. All missions share the intention though to reinforce the local civil society by working with local developmental actors/ organisations and their programs. Smaller and Bigger. Old and Young. In Good and Bad shape. But sharing their wish to change for the better.

Simultaneously I have set up my coaching (including E-coaching) and training practice in The Netherlands. Guiding individuals, businesses, organisations, groups in issues regarding cultural diversity and international collaboration. Like preparing for work abroad or help to resettle, including accompanying students for international internships. Facilitating the learning of multi-cultural teams. Or assist to smoothen cross-cultural international collaborations. Workshops on inter-cultural communication, on worldview and global citizenship, and training on mission/vision/strategy development in an international context, and other issues regarding the 4 pillars of my enterprise.

What has prepared me to do this is the following:

  • 11 years of fieldwork: 6 years in grass-root, participatory bottum up rural development (based Honduras) and 5 years in semi-urban development (based DR Congo). I gained experience in the area of Children at Risk, HIV/AIDS, Rural Development, Post Conflict, Women/gender and Development (including gender based violence, trafficking), Poverty Reduction.
  • 11 years in a financing body for development (based Holland) accent on organisational and institutional capacity strengthening.
  • practising remedial psychology after my Masters in Social Science.

After a post-doc in coaching in 2007 I am a registered member of the Nederlandse Orde van Beroeps Coaches (NOBCO), and of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

Process versus Content
In my professional life I have performed many different roles including those of manager and expert. But more and more I go back to my initial university training: uncover the inner potential of the client, and guide him/her/them to find alternatives that work. See for the type of accompanying I do now under service (coaching, facilitating, training, assessment/evaluation/re-design, advice).

I am always called in as an outsider, when a distant, fresh look is needed. I focus on process-guidance: posing questions, acting as a mirror, stimulate participation and ownership in all what happens, helping to reveal new inner strength and determination. The content/ answers/ directions/ vision is already hidden inside, I just help to unpack.

Even training and advice becomes more and more participatory the more I do it: helping to learn instead of to train, and helping to conclude more than having opinions and advise as an expert from my own thinking. I am more a conductor or producer: making the orchestra perform without playing an instrument myself.

If you think this type of expertise comes in handy in your business/organization, please do contact me to discuss your question.